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Autism Walk

Yesterday I went with a friend to a local high school for an Autism Walk. Her soon-to-be stepdaughter has Autism so we walked for her. We started out the walk with her but she wasn't very into it. After about 1/2 mile she was done so she sat with her mom and me and my friend Beth finished the walk. It's a fabulous cause and I was so glad to be apart of it.

Once the walk was over they talked about Autism and then brought all the children with Autism to the front to give them medals.

Dakota was not a fan of wearing the medal but she did think it was pretty cool.

Her favorite part of the weekend....getting in the bounce house and having us help her to the top of the slide so she could down. She was so happy and her face is priceless.

We had a great time and can't wait to do it again next year.

But my next focus, the March for Babies Walk next weekend. Let's go Real Housewives of the USMC!!!

Have you done any charity walks? What have you done and how did you get started with them?

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