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Where To Start?

Oh where to begin? An Intro isn't really appropiate. I would just be repeating my About Me page, and that's just silly.

Today is the day I start my health and fitness blog and continue my effort to lose the 40 pounds I really need to lose. A 40 pounds that I kind of wish I could say was baby weight but it isn't. I was at my pre-pregnacy weight days after my daughter was born. I walked out of the hospital that Feb 2011 day in pre-pregnancy jeans. I was blessed.

But now (well should have been before now) I need to lose the weight I should have lost a long time ago. I'm making no excuses. I don't have any. There's no one to blame but myself and now is the time to do something about it.

We are leaving in about 45 min to meet with TJ's sister and pick up our 6 year old. He was on Spring Break last week and went to visit TJ's parents last week. I am ready to have him home. I sure do miss him when he's gone.

Jordyn took her nap this morning and TJ begged me not to go to the gym before we left so he could sleep a little longer before we left. He works overnight on the weekends so he sleeps a lot during the day unless we have something to do.

I guess I'll be heading to the gym when we get home and then need to decide on what to do for dinner tonight. I failed to think about this last night and take something out. HAHA! Such is life. LOL!!!
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