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Happy Memorial Day!

How's your day going so far? Mine is great! I got my work out in this morning. It was a quick cardio followed by some upper body strength training. And I'm thinking an abs workout will be thrown in later. I have finished up the laundry and most of the cleaning, but I feel like I'm never really done with it. Gotta love kids. LOL!

Last night Beryl made landfall in Jacksonville and we saw some of our first bands of heavy rain.

We rained throughout the night but hasn't really rained today. I guess it's coming later, but who knows. Here I was thinking it was going to be non-stop for two days. haha!

This morning I started out my day with some oatmeal topped with some peanut butter and chia seeds. I was fabulous.

I followed breakfast with folding the last of the laundry and a trip to the gym when Jordyn took her morning nap. After the gym, it was off to Kroger to pick up bananas, coffee from Starbucks and to see what I wanted to do for dinner. I couldn't decide what we would have so I didn't end up getting anything for tonight, but I did stumble upon a few items that were marked down. 3 bags of Alexia peas for 99 cents each!!!! I was pretty excited. Peas are a favorite for Jordyn and we're actually out of them right now so it was perfect. They also had 2 boxes of Amy's Cheese Pizza Snacks for 99 cents each! We all love these (although I try not to eat them too much) and this is great for Dylan for a quick lunch or snack. I just those I saved about $12!!! GO ME!!! Too bad TJ isn't awake for me to share my joy. 

And speaking of TJ, even though he is no longer in the Marine Corp, I want to take a moment and thank him and every other soldier past, present, and future for the sacrifices they make so that we may enjoy the life and freedoms we have. I am so grateful and honored to be married to such a phenomenal man and that he was, and always will be part of the few, the proud.

Thank you babe! I love you! You are one in a million!

Just for fun. Me and TJ at the Marine Corp ball in 2009. Our last one.

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