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Little Behind

So, I'm not keeping up with this as much as I would like. :( Right now, we don't have the internet at my house. It keeps cutting out on us so we left AT&T and are switching to Comcast, but they can't come out til Monday or Tuesday so reading my blogs in Google Reader from my phone isn't the easiest and either is blogging for that matter.

This morning, I have brought my computer to Starbucks and enjoying the gorgeous weather outside while I give you a little update. AHHHHH......the life (mostly, the only thing missing is the beach. LOL)

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy for me. We had family in town for SCAD's Sidewalk Art Festival that TJ participated in. That was an all day event and was a blast. Check out a few of the pictures!

Me and my crazy family before TJ got started

Hard at work!

The finished product

A few others

If you're interested, go here to see more of the artwork that was created. These people are fabulous. 
I guess, I should move on to an update about my weightless and fitness, the reason you're here.
I started the C25K program this past Sunday, which means I have officially finished Week 1. I use both the C25K app from Active.com and Map My Run's appActive.com's app is great. It tracks that day's particular run with its pace, along with giving me audio cues as to which step I'm one, whether it's the warm-up, cool down, run or jog. The app also has a log which allows me to add notes about the run and share it on Facebook and my active. com profile. The one thing I wish I could do was track my pace without the warm-up and cool down included. For that I use Map My Run's app. I start the app at the start of the first run (the end of the warm-up) and end the app at the end of the last run (at the start of the cool down). I know it's not the most accurate way to get my time, but it gives me an idea of where I'm at, or could be. Here are my "runs" from the first week.

I started the program with a friend. She wasn't so sure it was something she could do but she gave it a shot and I think she did great for not being a runner

The next two days were in my neighborhood and on my own. I felt pretty good for both of these days and am excited to move on to the next week.

A slightly faster time and longer distance. It's not much but I'll take it. I'll take each and every second portion of a mile I can get. LOL!!!! As Dory from Finding Nemo says, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." In my case the swimming is running. LOL!

And now my favorite part of the post: my weightless update. I have officially lost over 10 pounds!!! I am so excited. I'm almost a quarter of the way there. WAHOO!!!!!! I've been working my butt off and finally I have hit my first goal.

For now, my coffee break is over and I have to head home. I'm sure Jordyn is awake, TJ wants to go back to sleep and Dylan is bored. Ahh, the life of a mom. HAHA! And on top of kiddos and a hubby, I have laundry to do, a house to clean and later this afternoon I am heading downtown to take some maternity pictures for a friend. Stay tuned later for a few pics!

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