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A Relaxing Sunday

The weekend is almost over and I'm not ready for it to end. It was such a great weekend. Yesterday was a girl's day with one of my best friends, Beth. It started with a bridesmaids dress fitting for her wedding in December. And then it was off to her apartment to help her pack up her car with a load of items to take to her fiancé's house. Her lease is up at the end of the month and rather than renew for 6 months, she's moving on with him early. It was then off for lunch at Chili's and finally to Sam's Club for LOTS of fruit!

There were also bananas but I forgot to include them in the pictures, but half the bananas and grapes are gone already. It's crazy how much fruit we eat on this house so Sam's Club is perfect for us when it comes to buying fruit. LOL!

Once I got home, it was off to laundry and a little bit of cleaning. Jordyn sure knows how to mess up a house. HAHA!  I ended my Saturday night on a very low-key way. I spent a quiet night with a book. If only I had had some wine to make it even better.

This morning I woke up, as I do every morning, to the sound of Jordyn. TJ was already home and in his man cave (it's the fancy way to say the garage. lol) working on some music and when he heard me get up, he told me to go back to sleep, he'd get her. No objections from me. I went back to bed to sleep in, something that has only happened once or twice since Jordyn has been born. I only got an extra hour of sleep, but getting up 8 was nice.

Once I was up, it out for a run. Due to the rain and other events last week, I wasn't able to get any of the C25K runs in. I kicked off this morning with Week 4, Day 1. While my overall time isn't a run, my time is the best I've had and when using Runkeeper, I am able to see what my pace is during the running portions and I'm not disappointed. It's not the best time but it's a great starting point for me.

I came home from the run and wanted to get some strength training. I waited until Jordyn went down for her nap and was off to the gym. I got in a quick stationary bike workout to get my heart rate up and then started with some free weights to work on upper body

It was then home for breakfast. A chocolate, banana and peanut butter protein smoothie. It was AMAZING and be on the lookout for the recipe later this week.

Time for laundry and later lunch, which was a delicious Spinach salad with dried cranberries, crispy noodles, sliced almonds, half of a hard boiled egg and sweet onion dijon dressing.

And finally for dinner, it was off to the grill for some fabulous shrimp and veggies.

Now, I am relaxing and editing some pictures and heading to bed. Have a good night everyone!

How was your weekend? What did you do over the weekend?

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