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Happy 4th Of July


Happy 4th of July everyone!!!! I have to start by sending a HUGE thank you to all our troops, past, present and future. Without them, we wouldn't have a reason to celebrate and continue to celebrate! So THANK YOU!

Hope you're having a fabulous day, enjoying good friends, family, and fun.

Before I get into our Independence Day festivities, let's rewind to yesterday. Yesterday morning, I got up with every intention of going for run. I laced up my shoes and headed out the door. I took my 5 minute warm-up and began my run, but very early into my foot began hurting. I knew if I kept going and put that kind of pressure on it, I would only make it worse. Instead, I decided to continue the workout but make it a walk. Hey, it's better than nothing right. I walked 3 miles before heading home for breakfast and to get ready for work.

And I squeezed in a plank for the #plankaday challenge.

Work was pretty uneventful. But once I got home, TJ and I decided to head to Hunter Army Airfield for some fireworks. 

We arrived to Hunter just in time for the fireworks to start (after having to go back home because we forgot our car registration. I sure do miss the days of flashing my military ID and being on my way. lol). The fireworks were good but they were short. The grand finale was tiny too. When it was over, we started getting in the car, and the real grand finale began. Me and TJ called it a Parris Island grand finale. Two years ago, PI did the same type of thing and we watched their real grand finale while waiting in traffic to get off the island. LOL!

Now, let's come back to this morning. Today, we were supposed to head to the beach. Unfortunately we had a few things come up, so we had to cancel that but we're going to make the best of it. Once everything we need to get done gets taken care of, we're going to relax at the house today, Dylan and I are going to make some Muesli chocolate chip cookies and we're going to grill out for dinner. We will of course be thanking TJ for everything he did in the Marine Corp too. Can't forget our troops. And later tonight we're heading downtown to see more fireworks. We can't get enough. LOL!

What are your plans for today? Anything fun, or is it more of a day of relaxing?

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