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How Could I Forget?

I have no idea what I was thinking yesterday but I completely forgot about my plank and bridge for the day. It wasn't until I was at work that I realized I never did them, so after dinner it was time to get my plank and bridge on. I tried to convince TJ to do them with me, but he was't up for it. Instead, he said, "No, I'll just watch you do it." With my audience watching, I was determined to better than my normal 30-35 second plank and my 1 minute and a half bridge. I succeeded!

The rest of the night was pretty chill but I did end baking up a tasty little treat compliments of Courtney from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Yummy! This Zucchini Oatmeal Bread was fabulous despite one minor problem. I slightly burnt it. Ooops! But I blame my oven. I set the timer but the timer never went off.

And while I waited on it to bake, I did a little 50 Shades Darker reading. I'm really enjoying these books. I just wish I had more time to read.


And that brings us to this morning. This morning I was out the door and at the gym not-too-bright (the sun wasn't even up yet) and early. 

Lower Body Workout B and my last day of C25K were on the agenda. I started with my last day of C25K. I can't believe I have finally reached the last day! I completed the run with a decent time for me and I was pleased! 

Next came the Lower Body workout with more wall sits and one leg sit-and-stands. I did better than last week on the wall sits but not the one leg sit and stands. I'm still awful at those. LOL!

Once I finished my lower body workout I sit had my plank and bridge. I remembered this morning. Not the best but the worst.

And before I left the gym, I decided to have a weigh in. Down another .6 pounds, bringing my total loss to 18 pounds. Slowly moving but moving. I'm happy!

By the time I got back home, I was starving. Breakfast was a Starbucks Turkey Bacon sandwich and an Iced Coffee. I was rushed when I came home so I had to leave without breakfast so it was a morning out.

Lunch today was a chicken salad topped with raspberry vinegarette dressing and a slice of zucchini bread topped with Laughing Cow Strawberry Cream Cheese.

Dinner was nothing big, just some scrambled eggs, which I forgot to photograph. Oops! But now I'm hungry and I have hard time believing the no food after 8 rule, so I'm going to have a bowl of cereal and watch the Olympics.

Have you ever completed the C25K program? Did you like it?

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