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I'm Going To Bootcamp!


You heard that right! I'm going to Bootcamp and I couldn't be more excited. Earlier this year Tina from Best Body Fitness hosted Best Body Bootcamp and the slacker that I was didn't sign up as soon as I read the post and thus forgot and missed the deadline. :( But Tina promised she would host Round 2 sometime over the summer, and she delivered. Round 2 is here! I set a reminder in my phone and this afternoon, I signed myself up and now I just have to impatiently patiently wait for July 23rd when Round 2 begins!

Don't know what Bootcamp is. It's an 8 week program that is geared toward improving your lifestyle and is open to anyone in any fitness level. It begins Monday, July 23rd and ends Sept 16th. The cost is $25 to register and there's a chance to win some cash prizes but most importantly it's a great event to help you get healthier and achieve your goals. 

Registration is open until Friday July 20 at 8pm EST. Want to register or more information? Click here. If you sign up, let me know! I'd love to share our progress together. 

Are you going to join? If you are, what are you most excited about?

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