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July 4th Fun

First, I'm way late on this post. I had every intention on doing it at work but believe it or not, I actually had stuff to do. LOL!

Overall, it was relaxing day. The morning was spent on some much needed organizing. I'm currently going through each room of the house, one at a time and getting rid of things we don't need or use and hope to have a yardsale in the fall.

After lunch and Jordyn was down for her nap, it was time for Dylan and me to make some cookies, Museli Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Dylan made most of the cookies himself, with a little bit of help from me with measurements

This was Dylan's favorite part. 

OK, maybe this was his favorite part. lol

Waiting for them to cool is the hardest part

Jordyn couldn't wait so climbed up all stealthily and ate two before she was caught. I don't really blame her, they were DELICIOUS! (I'll post the recipe this week.)

We grilled out for dinner and then it was off to River Street to see some fireworks. It was hot, but not unbearable. Jordyn was tired and cranky but she made it to the fireworks. Dylan was great. He just patiently waited and asked lots of questions about fireworks.

And now it was time for the fireworks! Woo hoo!!!!

How was your holiday? Did you have fun?

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