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Soaking Up The Sun

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but sadly I left my memory card at home and when I got home, I completely forgot. Oops!


How was everyone's weekend? I was great! I hope yours was too!

Last Wednesday was mine and TJ's two year anniversary. Two years ago we got married on the beach on Hunting Island near Beaufort, SC where we lived at the time. Last year, we went back to that beach to celebrate our 1 year anniversary where we got married. This year the plan was to do the same but in the end we decided on going to Tybee Island instead. Tybee Island is a half the distance to Hunting Island so we'd be saving a good amount of gas.

Saturday morning, I was up making lunches, and loading up the car. At 9am, we headed out (after turning back to get the blanket we forgot. oops!)

That's definitely a golf cart driving down 80 in the fast lane (and not one that go very fast!)

Once we arrived we set up our spot near the pier and hit the water.

I thought the waves were a bit choppier today but maybe it was my imagination. They were definitely bigger than normal though. I didn't take a ton of pictures. I brought my camera and wanted to take some but I was definitely just living in the moment. Dylan was all about riding the waves with his boogie board and definitely wanted me to go with him. His boogie boards are small and help you ride the waves but he needs a bigger one. Jordyn was a little nervous with the waves but overall did well. 

After a little swimming in the ocean, it was time for lunch and to take a little break to play in the sand.

It didn't take though before Dylan was ready to get back in the water. You'd never know he used to be terrified of the ocean. While Dylan played in the waves with TJ, I sat with Jordyn. There was a tiny little pool of water from where the sand had been a bit dug out and when the tide went back out some of the water stayed. It was a perfect baby pool for Jordyn, but it was extremely warm. This is where Jordyn felt the most comfortable. She loved playing in the water with her toys and digging in the dirt. 

TJ and I took turns sitting with her and playing in the water with Dylan. After a little, Jordyn had decided she had had enough and was tired and wanted to go home. We packed a bit earlier than I had planned on went back to relax at the house. Well TJ and the kids relaxed. I did what else, laundry. 

Sunday, was big on the relaxing front for me. I hit the gym first thing in the morning and had my fastest pace yet. I was quite pleased with myself. After my run I decided I wanted to get a little more cardio in but something more low key. It was off to the bikes where I made a goal of 3 miles. Nothing crazy but enough for another low key 20 minutes or so.

On a weightloss note, I was down another .8 pounds yesterday bringing my total weight loss to 16.6 pounds. Only a few more pounds to go before I hit the halfway point! WAHOO!!!

The rest of my day was spent relaxing and hanging out with the kids. They always know how to make a person's day!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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