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Weekend Ventures

Happy Monday!!! How was everyone's weekends?

Ours was great! We didn't really venture anywhere but and that is fine with me sometimes.

Saturday, I started my weekend with a run. I'm not sure what it was but I was having some breathing issues. I had to slow to walk several times to catch my breath. It's not the first time it's happened and I really hate that feeling I get. but I was determined to get my run in and power through the best I could. While my time wasn't where I wanted it to be, I did finish and I'm glad I did.

My plank and bridge Saturday were better than Friday and I aim to get better. And one day, my plank will match my bridge time. haha

The rest of my Saturday consisted of mom and wife duties: cleaning. The past week, I have been thoroughly going through each room of the house. I give myself a few days per room to go through EVERYTHING. I'm evaluating each item and trying to decide if it's something to keep, sell, or get rid of. Jordyn's room has been done and most of her stuff were items that we're going to keep for Baby #3 in a few years but there were a few things that I have decided to sell or get rid of. Things I knew I would never use again. 

Once I finished her room, it was time to go through our bedroom. I have gotten rid of half of my clothes and will continue to get rid of more as I continue to lose weight.

I am now on Dylan's room. Boy, does that kids have a ton of crap! We haven't finished his room and his room will take lots of time. I knew he had a lot of stuff but I guess I never realized exactly how much he had until we went through each piece. And Dylan is doing pretty well with getting rid of his stuff. We'll see it goes, when we get to his toy box though. We're getting rid of that toy box so we won't have room for all the little things that he never plays with. 

Sunday, I took a break from Dylan's jungle of toys to catch up on laundry, just play and hang out with the kids, Skype with family and finish my current book so I can start Fifty Shades Darker. I also set my goals for Bootcamp and reviewed the first two weeks of workouts to prep myself for today! Stay tuned later for how Day 1 went!

How was your weekend? Did you do any major house cleaning or projects or did you just enjouy the weekend?

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