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Major Fail

There's a reason I work out in the morning. OK, there are a few reasons, I work out in the mornings:

  1. I am a morning person. While I may not want to get up right away at the sound of the alarm and occasionally hit the snooze, once I get out of bed, it only takes brushing my teeth to get moving and going.
  2. My day is almost always more productive when it's started with cardio. Take this morning, for example, I worked out as soon as getting up, showered, had breakfast, checked my email, and have started this post all before 8 am (keep in mind, I won't get to finish this post until after I get to work, but knowing I've already started will be a big help).
  3. I have more energy and feel better throughout the day. Coffee helps with the energy too but a good workout gives me a fabulous boost.
  4. Life almost always gets in the way when I get home from work so night workouts just get pushed to the side and eventually not done because I get tired and need to head to bed.
Reason #4 is exactly what happened yesterday. First let's back up a little more to yesterday morning. I woke up and headed for the gym. Unfortunately when I got to the gym, I was locked out :( The gym I go to is switching finance companies and they have made notes and let everyone know that during the switch there may be some people whose cards won't work and they'll get locked out. I was one of those people yesterday morning.

I headed home and decided just to wait til I got off work last night to work out and TJ said he'd work out with me.

None of that happened. When I got home, we needed to make a quick run to  the grocery store, make the kids dinner, get them bathed and ready for bed. We also had a Skype date with my niece who started kindergarten yesterday to find out how her first day of school went. That went a little longer than expected and by the time I got the kids into bed, TJ was passed out on the couch and I was ready for bed.

So, a work out was a no go, making yesterday an unintended rest day. I did, however, get my plank and bridge in for the day though.

With no work out yesterday, I'm starting Week 3 of Best Body Bootcamp a day behind. I don't like it but it is what it is, so this morning was time to get moving. I opted not to go to the gym in case I was still locked out and decided on a workout at home. 

This week starts Phase Two and introduces Tempo Training into the strength workouts. Today was also the first time I had done what Tina calls Circuit Intervals. They are a mix of cardio and strength all in one workout. It was pretty fabulous! My only complaint was that I felt like my cardio lacked some. We don't have a treadmill yet (hopefully in another few months we'll have one) so my option for cardio was running in place. I guess I could have done imaginary jump rope. haha! Truthfully, I could have gone for a run outside around the cul-de-sac but it was 5am and I thought going in and out of the house with a not-so-quiet door was definitely asking for trouble. Having Jordyn wake up that early would have made for one grumpy little girl all day, resulting in a very grumpy husband when I got home. lol

Anyways, back to the topic at hand, Circuit Intervals. While running in place wasn't really what I wanted to do, it is what worked for me this morning. In between each cardio portion were strength exercises, which included some plie squats and push ups. Tina must LOVE push ups! She's always throwing some of those in. Maybe by the time Bootcamp is over, I'll be able to do nothing but regular push ups. I can do a few regular push ups but most of mine are knee push ups. And as for these plie squats, I was feeling the crap out them towards the end, especially in my knees, which was making me wonder if I was doing them right the whole time.

Finally, I fit in my plank and squat for the day to round out my workout. My plank is another one of those weaker ones, where I should have done it before my workout. lol

Working out at home this morning gave me about 15 minutes of extra time this morning since I didn't have to drive to or from the gym. It was glorious! It made a little more excited about getting a treadmill!

Do you prefer morning or evening workouts? Why?

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