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Stressing Me Out

Good evening! How's everyone doing on this fine rainy Saturday night? I was doing well....then the GA game started. But we'll get to that in a minute.

It was a pretty typical Saturday over here. TJ came home from work and I wanted to head to the gym, but he was exhausted so I decided to wait til Jordyn's nap. So my day started off with a trip to Walmart. The other day, one of Jordyn's earrings fell out so I needed to get her a new pair and put them in so the holes don't close up. I also wanted to pick up some space bags to pack some of Jordyn's clothes up that don't fit.

As soon as I walked into Walmart, I was greeted with a beautiful display of these:

I knew these Bulldog Poptarts were coming out but I wasn't sure when. I also knew I would be the coolest mom ever when I brought them home. I'm not really a Poptart eater unless they're toasted or warmed and even then it's just half, maybe 1, but never more than that. In any case, I picked up two boxes for Dylan and he was over the moon. I'm pretty positive he'll want to bring one in his lunch on Monday.

After our trip to Walmart, it was home for laundry and QT with the kiddos until Jordyn was ready for her nap. It was finally off to the gym and I wasn't feeling it. I definitely do much better in the mornings. Afternoon workouts are not my thing. My pace and distance was the same as the other day but I just wasn't feeling as good. I really wanted a longer run but that just didn't happen. I'm kinda bummed about it but tomorrow's a new day, and a new run.

As for this GA game. It's only been on for a little over an hour an hour and these boys are stressing me out BIG time. The Missouri Tigers have joined the SEC this year and that's who we're playing tonight and this is the sloppiest football game I have seen in a long time. They're have been so many turnovers it's not even funny.

To make matters worse, me and a friend have a bet going on that if the GA wins she'll be sporting a red Bulldog shirt (and I'm even throwing in a Bulldog Poptart with it) but if MO wins, I have to wear a Tigers shirt and I do NOT want to wear gold. No thank you!

And as I'm typing this, I am one step closer to wearing gold. Towndown for the Tigers! UGH! Someone please knock some sense into these Dawgs!

And I'm back in! TOUCHDOWN DAWGS! (This post is taking forever, because I'm caught up in the game. lol). Time to focus all my attention on the game now.

How are you spending your Saturday? Did you watch any football today? Who are rooting for?

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