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And Away We Go.....

3 am  was our wake up call. I haven't gotten up that early since I worked at Target and we had the occasional 4 am shift. Waking up that early is hard but definitely not as hard knowing you're about to get on a plane and travel to one of your most favorite places, Massachusetts.

While I didn't want to get up at first, I was anxious to get out the door. But first that meant, I had to get two very tired kiddos out of bed and dressed. Thankfully, I already had everything ready the night before so that wasn't too difficult. It was just a matter of getting them up and dressed.

TJ very sweetly took over, "Operation: Dress The Kids" while got our coffee ready. I may have been anxious to get out the door, but I still needed my morning coffee. I pulled together a super quick breakfast for us, involving a few frozen waffles for the kids (yes, I know shame on me, but we have them for emergencies and quick on-the-go breakfasts) and a homemade egg muffin for myself. TJ didn't want anything that early in the morning.

**** Jessica, I know there's no color again. We had nothing in our house right now. We actually stopped at the store after coming home and there is color in our meals now. ;) lol

Once we had breakfast and coffee in our hands, we were out the door. The airport is fairly close to us, so we were there in no time. We just needed to park and unload the car. Because I needed to bring Jordyn's carseat, stroller and our bags, I needed TJ to help me carry everything. He really was a life saver. There's no way I could have managed all that and kept Jordyn occupied. And without Dylan's strong arms, how would I have ever gotten my luggae in. ;)

After the luggage and car seat was checked in, TJ and Dylan hung out for a little bit before heading out. Since they can't come to the gate with us, there was no point in them hanging out too long. Besides, they could both use a little more sleep.

Once the boys left, it was time to head through security. Other than waiting in line, security wasn't too bad. Because I had Jordyn with me, I couldn't go through the body scanner, which made the process faster for me. It was then off to the gate, where we waited to board the plane.

Our first flight from Savannah to Atlanta was pretty easy. Jordyn played with a new toy,

and then as soon as they closed the doors and began to leave the gate, she cuddled up next time and was asleep before we even left the ground.

Arriving in Atlanta, my mom met us at our gate as we got off the plane to help me with my carry on bag, purse, stroller and Jordyn. Our layover was short and then it was time to board again for our flight to Hartford. Jordyn was a bit more antsy on the second flight but still did pretty well.

Apparently Jordyn needs to catch up on her reading

What flight is complete without a few high-in-the-sky pictures.

Once we arrived at Bradley International Airport, we met up with my cousin and began the drive to Greenfield, but not before snagging a picture of Mark Twain's house, made out of 125,000 legos on display at the airport. This, among a few other pictures, were taken with my lego-obsessed 7 year old in mind.

And that brings us to Greenfield, Massachusetts, the birthplace of this blogger. I'll end this crazy long post for now but on on the lookout for a post or two (or more. lol) about my adventures in New England (yup, you read that right. we're not talking about just Massachusetts anymore)

Have you flown with babies or toddlers? How did they handle the flight?

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