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It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later

It's a phrase my friends and I all say to each other when that time hits for someone to PCS to a new duty station. In fact, I can be pretty sure it's a phrase said between military wives and families all over the world.

Gotta love a good 80's party!

You meet some of the most amazing and extraordinary people when you (or your spouse) are in the military. You instantly form bonds with some of these families and they quickly become part of your family. There's a sense of community among military families that is so different than anything I had ever come across. When things get tough, you stick out together and are there for each other.

And sometimes a little yoga can be helpful too ;)
While we (and I say "we" because while TJ was the one who actually served and was on active duty, the kids and I also are tied to it and "serve" in our own way as a support team) are no longer in the military family, we still live very close to the Beaufort area and frequently visit are friends there.

The fantastic ladies that showed up for my birthday dinner in 2010. Am I lucky or what?
So, where am I going with all this? Well, for the past few months, some of our friends have started to leave to begin a new journey in a new duty station. Only recently in the last week or two, has a larger number begin to leave, and with that has brought some of my closet friends. 

Love these ladies!

Which brings me to this coming weekend. This coming weekend, one of the most amazing families I have met since moving to South Carolina will be leaving Beaufort. This family is amazing!

Maggie was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Beaufort. She was so welcoming and made me feel right at home in the Marine Corps family. She got me involved and introduced me to some more wonderful ladies. Her husband, Ryan, is a genuinely nice guy and the moment he and TJ were introduced they got along immediately and became great friends. They have three phenomonal kids that I have had the pleasure of watching grow over the last 3 years. They get along great with my kids and always have a blast together.

Peeking through the windows on one of the Christopher Columbus ships in May 2010 

Maggie and Ryan were there when we got married on the beach. They were there when Jordyn was born. They were there in some of the toughest times and never thought twice about offering any help when they thought we needed it. From simple play dates to big moves to major life events, they have been there without a moment's hesitation. They are truly amazing! Words can not express how much this family means to us and how much we will miss them! So much so, that within minutes after getting in the car, Dylan is picking a weekend in which he doesn't have school on Friday, so we can take a roadtrip to visit them.

I wanted to see them off in the worst way, but Jordyn and I will be out of town. We will be in Massachusetts for my cousin's wedding. Instead we spent all day (and I mean all day) with them. The movers came last week and took everything and this week, they are getting the house together for the renters that are coming soon. TJ offered his assistance in getting the house ready, and I offered whatever help I could and to help Maggie keep the kids out of the way. Plus, I wanted to see them and I knew the kids wanted to see them too.

They were having so much fun bouncing on the blow up mattress, this was the best picture I could get.

My all-time favorite picture of them!

As soon as TJ came home yesterday, we left and headed up to Beaufort. We met them at local flea market, which is really like a giant yard sale with tons of families. Ryan and TJ left pretty much within minutes after we arrived to get started on the house. There was lots of painting to be done. Maggie and I hung out at the flea market for a little while and then headed back to the house to drop some stuff and hit the park.

It was then off to Lowe's for more painting supplies and lunch. The rest of the day was spent hanging out at the house and catching up. The older three kids played outside all day. It was so nice to see them do something other than play video games. I guess it helps when the movers take them away for a week. haha! The younger two (Maggie and Ryan's 4 month and Jordyn) were pretty good. Jordyn was stuck to me all day, making my job of taping off the trim a bit harder but after what felt like forever I succeeded. After my taping and Maggie's wiping down of walls and doors, our job was done. It was up to the boys for painting.

I have to admit. I'm quite impressed with them too. They accomplished most of the taping (I only helped with some of the taping, they really did most of it), two bedrooms and the living room/dining room. I know that's no easy task. Unfortunately by that time, it was time to head back to Savannah, so TJ could get to work, but not before we got a few pictures and said, "See you later."

I love this girl! She's the best!

Boys! They were cracking me up with this picture!
I won't lie. This was, and probably will be, the hardest "see you later" to make. I tried to hold back the tears but it didn't work out too well, especially when we got in the car and drove away. TJ just held my hand and said it would be OK. Even now, there are some tears. Too bad they can't stay in Beaufort. lol I know I've already said it, but Maggie and Ryan (and of course the kids) are such a great family. They definitely hold a special place in our hearts and we can't wait to see how the next phase goes.

If you guys are reading this, just know how much we appreciate everything you have done for us. We love you guys will see you later (for real and on FaceTime ;) )

How did you handle it when someone moved away? Did you use the, "It's not goodbye, it's see you later" phrase? Does it help you?

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