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We're Back!

We're home! Jordyn and I arrived in Savannah late last night to our two favorite boys welcoming us with open arms. OK, well Dylan was really just excited to stay up late night on a school night and go to the airport in hopes of seeing some airplanes. It was double exciting for him.


Needless to say, we are exhausted. Dylan is now at school, and I took today off from work to re cooperate  and so TJ could take my car to Atlanta and get my treadmill (more on that later, once it arrives).

But for now, Jordyn and I are just going to hang out at the house today, go for a run, make dinner, catch up on laundry, and spend another day of quality time together. I'll be back throughout the week (or weekend depending on how much I get done) to share a few (yes, we were that busy) posts on our trip with lots of pictures, and later today to talk about my run while pushing a stroller.

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