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Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone! Just a few more hours until the weekend officially starts! WAHOO!!!!

All week long, I read some pretty fabulous articles across the internet (and in my Google reader). They range from recipes, fitness tips, workouts, nutrition info and inspiring stories. With so many great reads out there, I'd thought I'd share some of my favorites.

My goal is to do this each week, but let's be honest, life happens and sometimes things don't always work out the way we plan, so there may be a few weeks that I don't have a post due to hectic schedules and busy lives. I also have no set goal on how many posts I'll share. I know that some weeks, I'll have loads to share, while others I may only find a few that strike me. In any case, check out some of my favorite posts from the week.


5 Reasons To Workout During The Holidays from Honey We're Healthy: Thanksgiving is over and we are back to the daily grind. And while Christmas and all the parties that come with will be in full swing anytime now, Megan reminds of some great reasons we shouldn't let all the hustle and bustle of the holidays stop us from working out.

Savory Spinach & Artichoke Cheesecake from Peas and Crayons: Jenn is at it again with another fabulous recipe. She has taken one of my all-time favorite restaurant appetizers and made it home, in both a smaller sharing (that is, if you can break away from it long enough to let anyone else have any) size perfect for our little family, and in a larger party size. She goes the extra mile and gives you an optional cracker crust for the bottom and her presentation skills and pictures make you want to run out and buy the ingredients NOW!

8 Resistance Band Exercises for Home or Travel from Fitnikchik: The holidays bring busy times and often times, traveling. A great piece if exercise equipment that takes up very little space at home or in your suitcase is a resistance band (or two). Tamara shares 8 great exercises using a resistance band that takes very little time and can be done anywhere. She gives no excuses for a great workout when traveling or with little time. So, what are you waiting for? Get to it!

Healthy Holiday Eating WITHOUT Over-Thinking from Best Body Fitness: Parties are bountiful this time of year. And these parties are chock-full of food and drinks, many of which are not the healthiest options. Tina shares 5 tips to help you avoid over-eating and stay on track with your nutrition, without obsessing and over analyzing each detail. These are fabulous tips that I am going to remember for the holidays!

Health Benefits Of Mushrooms from Fitnikchik: Another fabulous post from Tamara! I have to be honest, I'm not the hugest fan of mushrooms, and when I do eat them, I don't want very many and I would prefer if they chopped so they're small. However, after reading Tamara's post, she has really got wanting to eat mushrooms more often despite them not being a favorite of mine. Maybe mixed in with some pasta, or eggs, or try I'll try out Tamara's Hungarian Mushroom Soup She shares in the post.

How To Do The Perfect Squat from Greatist: We all know how important form is when exercising. Are you performing your exercises correctly? How about your squats? Do you want to double check? Greatist shares how to do the perfect squat with and without weights. Take a few moments to read through this excellent post to make sure you're doing the them correctly and read as well the most common mistakes.

I Found Him! from The T-Rex Runner: Wasting time on Facebook while I was a work the other day, I stumbled upon a photo shared by Runner's World. It's of a man running a half marathon wearing an amazingly motivating (slightly irritating, depending on who you are) shirt. I absolutely LOVE this shirt. And with this shirt comes an interview with the man wearing the shirt. Danielle had me cracking up at parts of her post, along with Thomas's responses. I honestly have never read Danielle's blog before but if they're all light-hearted and can make me laugh and giggle like this one, you might find me reading more.

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