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Friday Faves

It's fantastic Friday! And you know what that means? Another Friday Faves post. I know I've been a bit MIA from these lately but it started with the holidays and being super busy and then a bit of life, but they're back and do I have some good ones this week. So let's jump to it!


Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter from Renewed Fitness: This is actually a post from last week, not this week, but I stumbled across this post, I knew I had to share it. Renisha shared an exciting new series coming to her blog. Beginning February 4th (yes this Monday) she is starting a series called, "Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter." It's a 6 week series of FREE workout videos, along with PDF links to print the workouts, a basic meal plan, recipes and more. You need to check out this post now and sign up. I can't wait!

Buying, Storing and Cook Black Beans from Project Eat Me: Black beans are so good for you and so tasty. Diana shares many different ways to store and cook black beans as well as shares a few recipes. Looking for some ideas? Check out this post!

21 DIY Gym Equipment Projects To Make At Home from Greatist: Back in October, we cancelled our gym membership in an effort to save money. I miss it but I'm OK with not having for right now. Today, I read this article on how to make some of the great gym pieces that I have been missing. If you're like me, you should definitely read this article. Maybe there are a few ideas you can use to enhance your at-home gym

Healthy sELF Challenge from Nutritionella and The Lean Green Bean: Over the holidays, Ella and Lindsay began a challenge to become an overall healthier person. You were given challenges throughout the week that were either fitness, nutritional or mental healthy. They started a facebook group to help motivate each other too. It was such a great challenge that I was really excited to hear it was coming back. It kicks off Monday, so go...NOW....check out the full details and sign up!


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