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Friday Faves



27 Unexpected Foods To Grill This Summer from Greatist: Summer is here (well the unofficial beginning of summer anyway) and with comes the use of the grill. If you're like our household, you've already busted out the grill on a few occassions and summertime means grilling out at every possible opportunity. During the summer, I constantly have TJ grill our dinners. And now Greatisit is sharing even more foods to try on the grill. Some of these are ones we've tried already and others we would have never thought of (grilled pound cake anyone?) If the grill is your main appliance to cook on over the summer, you should give this post a read. And if it isn't? Well, you should read this anyway.

Top 5 Herbs from Jessie Loves To Run: Most of us use herbs when we cook for flavor. And a lot of us know that are good for us for a number of reasons. What you may not know are exactly which herbs have what benefits. In this post, not only does Jessie share her Top 5 Herbs but also shares each herb's benefits along with some really tasty (and alcoholic) drinks for them. This post is a sure winner for summer parties and drinks.

How To Be A Better Spouse and Recipe To Please from Cotter Crunch: Lately, i have been trying to find little ways to show TJ how much I appreciate what he does for myself and our family, so this post immediately caught my attention. I consider myself a pretty good spouse but am by no means perfect, so when I see a post about ideas or tips that you can do be a better spouse, I'm all for it. Lindsay's tips were really great. All of them are small things you can do to be a better spouse. 

Is Grilling Bad for Your Health? from Greatist: I almost didn't want to read this post. I literally just typed how much we love to grill out at our house and how excited I was about Greatist's other post on unexpected foods to grill, and then I stumble upon this one. But curiousity (and the fact that Greatist has some super informative posts) got the better of me. The post explains why grilling can be bad and then also suggests some steps to take to help avoid those nasty carcinogens. And I'm happy to say, some of these I do already. Points for me! 

Spring & Summer Workout Tips from Jessie Loves To Run: My girl Jessie is on a roll this week with another post in my Friday Faves! With it getting hotter and hotter outside, outdoor workouts can be difficult. Jessie shares favorite tips for beating the heat, and getting in a good workout. My favorite tip? Her suggestion about swimming. It is BY FAR my favorite workout over the summer. If only there was a pool in my neighborhood. For now, I'll settle for the 45 minute drive to the beach!

Girl On Fire 10K Training Mix: FREE!!! from Katie Widrick: I admit that most often when I run I listen to podcasts but when I need a break from them, it's some good music. In this post Katie shares a 10K training mix that she created with Rock My Run (which if you have never checked out, it's totally worth it. They have some pretty fabulous playlists). And best of all it's free!!!


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