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Friday Faves #6

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Friday Faves is back! I know you're super excited. I am excited to have it back. I love sharing such fabulous blog posts from around the blogosphere.

Edible Flowers from Sustainable Baby Steps: OK, before you get all wierd on me for a minute, just take a moment to think about all the other plants we eat (hello, cucumber, carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes). While this is a bit unconventional, I was intrigued by the title of the post and even more interested as I read it. Who knew so many of our garden flowers were edible.

13 Unexpected Ways To Fit Cardio Into Your Routine from Greatist: We all know how crazy life can get at times and that can make fitting cardio time in tough. Greatist is here to share some fun ways to make sure you fit a little cardio into your life

Blueberry Pie Oatmeal Parfait from Dashing Dish: Umm.....I want this....NOW!!! Everytime I look at it, I want it. I will be making this deliciously looking breakfast soon, once I pick up some blueberries and vanilla greek yogurt

Move It Monday: Getting PHAT from Best Body Bootcamp: So just the "PHAT" reference alone makes me want to share this post. Tina brought back all kinds of memories from the days when calling someone "PHAT" not "fat" was cool, well for me she did anyway. What does PHAT mean here? Peripheral Heart Action Training. What does that mean? Check out Tina's post (I can't share all the juicy parts of her post) and while you're there check out her pretty PHAT workout too!

Dreamy Dark Chocolate Scones from Peas and Crayons: When your husband walks by you while looking at a new recipe and then stops and comes back and says, "Make that! Make that now." And then insists you literally stop what you're doing to pick up the missing ingredients from the grocery store, you know it's a post you have to share. This is that post. He and my son are begging me to make this. Guess, I should head to the store and by the ingredients for these amaingly delicious looking scones. Warning: You will be craving these (or at least chocolate) after looking at this post.

Awesome August Workout from Fitnessista: If you have never checked out Gina's blog, you totally should. She post some great recipes and some amazing workouts, like this one. I have this pinned and will be trying this soon.

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent from Hometalk: It's like they knew I was looking for a dishwasher detergent recipe. We are pretty much out of our store bought detergent, and I already have the ingredients on hand. Fingers crossed it works!

That about wraps it up this week. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! 

Do you have any favorite blog posts you want to share? I'd love read them!


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