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Friday Faves #8


Cashew Brownie Batter Bites from Fitnessista: Before I even read this post, I knew this would be a pin just based off the title. Cashews + Brownie Batter = WIN!!!!! These look amazing (as do most things Gina makes) and I have most of these ingredients already. I'm missing a few but nothing I can't pick up at the grocery store this weekend!

Ultimate Workout Playlist from Honey We're Healthy: Megan wasn't kidding when she said she put together the ultimate playlist. In this post, she shares 60 (yes, I said 60!!!) songs that are sure to give you variety in your workout playlist. You seriously have to check out her list!

This Video Will Convice You To Ditch Your Cell Phone from Greatist: I shared this post on facebook and twitter yesterday but it's totally worth sharing again. We have become a world dependent on technology, mainly our cell phones. We do it so much that it sometimes affects our real-life relationships. It has definitely made me think about starting a technology-free or at least cell phone- free night once a week.

The T-Shirt Towel Swap from Lauren Conrad: This is a super short, very easy beauty tip that I don't want to say to much about, because I want you to click on the link and check it yourself. And it totally be somthing I will be trying. Do I have you intrigued yet? ;)

35 Healthy Ways To Have the Healthiest School Year Ever from Greatist: Serioulsy, Greatist has some really fantastic posts. If you're new to the blog, you will learn how much I love the Greatist site. They are frequent guests on my Froday Faves, and if you've been here for a while, then you already know how much I love them. While the title of this post doesn't necessarily pertain to me (I'm not in school), I was intrigued to see what they had to say. And what they had to say doesn't just apply to students; it can apply to everyone. These tips (and links to other information) are truly fabulous! I could devote a whole post to just how awesome this post is, but I won't takeup your time doing that. Instead, I want you to click on the link and read it for yourself. It's totally worth your time.


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