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Schweaty Sunday #1

Thursday, I shared a new series with that I was starting about my monthly goals (link to August goals post). And today I have another one called Schweaty Sunday, where I'll share a recap of my workouts from the week. There isn't much more to it than that, so let's get started shall we?

First, I want to start off by saying, this is the most pitiful looking start to a Schweaty Sunday series if I ever saw one. Some of these days, life just got in the way this week, and others, well not so much.


My long runs used to Sunday, but after last Sunday, I realized that trying to fit my run in before church was kind of stressing me out, so I decided I need to move things around a bit. Trying to adjust that schedule was going to be difficult but I knew it needed to be done. I know what you're thinking, "Couldn't you just get your run in after church?" Technically, I could but it's so hot outside and I really don't like it. For some it's just an excuse and that's ok but for me I absolutely miserable. In any case, to feel less stressed and just enjoy my Sunday, I have decided to move my long runs to Saturday, at least until it cools off and I cna have the option of going after church, which will be a while, but who knows, maybe I'll end up preferring Saturday long runs and keeping them. I do have to say, I definitely felt more at peace on Sunday. Now if I can just have house cleaning and laundry done before Sunday, I can really have a relaxing Sunday


I had all intentions of getting up early and going for a run. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. I did have plan though to meet my friend, Beth, at the high school where she teaches to help do some classroom setup. We live in a pretty big neighborhood, and my son's elementary school and the high school where Beth works are both located inside my neighborhood. Since I didn't get that morning run in and the high school is close, I decided to walk to the school. It was a short 1.45 mile walk but it was better than nothing (at least that's what I'm telling myself anyway). And once at the school, we did plenty of walking around and climbing on ladders student desks to put up posters.


Beth and I spent another day setting up classrooms (yup, more than one). Her husband is also a teacher, but a different school and he asked her to help set up his room, so I went along to help her out. The school her husband is at has a lot more resources for the teachers to use than the school Beth works at, with every located in one convenient place, so setup was quick and easy. With lots of time left, we headed back to her school and classroom and finished her room. There was a ton more climbing around and walking but we got it finished. I got home and was exhausted. Who knew setting up classrooms was so much work.


I just took today as a rest day. After a busy two days at the high schools, I just wanted a day to relax and that's what I did, and enjoyed it.


This was an unintentional rest day. Wednesday night, Beth's husband was in a head on collision and as soon as she called me, I was on my way to the hospital. Before arriving, she had kept me updated, so I knew he wasn't badly injured but you never think twice about sitting in a hospital waiting room until 1 am when one of your best friend's husbands has been in a car accident. Thankfully, he was able to go home that night with some major bumps and bruises only, which is incredible after seeing the damage to his truck. Needless to say, after not getting to sleep until 2:30 am, no working out was happening that day.


I woke up with some back pain. My guess is I slept on it wrong, which happens once in a while, but this morning it was really hurting. I thought about skipping my run, and maybe I should have, but since the rest of my week was pretty void of workouts I had to get something in. 3 miles + strides was on the schedule today. I made it to mile 2 and my back was really hurting, so I called it quits and walked home, which was thankfully pretty close. I'm disappointed I didn't finish but I am glad I at least tried. To be honest, I went a little farther than I thought I would make it.


So it was supposed to be my first Saturday run but life happened.... :( Going for a 5 mile run wasn't going to happen today but I did want to get something. Well that something turned into a much smaller run than I had hoped. I was hoping for 3 miles, but after immediately beginning my run my calf was on fire. I got one mile in before I realized it wasn't going on and had to stop. Bummed? You bet but I didn't want to risk hurting anything so I'm hoping that today will be a good run day.

And there you have it! My first Schweaty Sunday post. Check back next week where I hope that it looks a lot more active than this week!

What kind of workouts did you get in last week?

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