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Schweaty Sunday #2

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Welcome back to Round #2 of Schweaty Sunday! I hope you enjoyed the first round. Let's dive right it in to this week!


Starting the day with church and finishing it relazing and hanging out with my three favorite people. Couldn't have asked for anything better


This run started off rough, and stayed rough. It was my worst run, by far, and my bad luck streak run continues. I know this happens from time to time and it will pass, but when that next run starts and you realize it will be another bad run, it leaves you feeling deflated. I'm ready for the bad streak to be over. On a more positive note, once I got home I got in a short but effective leg workout that gave left me feeling better.


Nothing fancy. Just a simple rest day that allowed me to get a ton done around the house.


My first speed work workout! I really enjoyed it but I think I ran too fast on the fast intervals. I found myself struggling to finish each interval and having to walk during the slow intervals to recover. I really need to learn about pacing myself better.


I am 100% calling this an active rest day. I spent ALL DAY at the high school helping a friend (a different one) set up her classroom. I was up and down on more ladders student desks haning posters, then walking around the school making copies and putting papers together. It was no joke movement all day long.


I slept poorly Thursday night and was anxious all day waiting on some news (that didn't go my way but  nothing to stress too much about) and just relaxed for the day. It was much needed for my mental health.


Another night of poor sleep gave me zero motivation for a run today but I knew I needed to get something in. I chose this upper arm workout and did 3 rounds of it. I had every intention of getting in some yoga but an unexpected call for help was received and I couldn't say no, which I'll fill you in on tomorrow.

That about wraps up another Schweaty Sunday. Here's to a more active workout week this week and a little less active everything else. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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