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Weekend in Review #1


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Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? I hope yours was as great as ours.


Not too much happened over here. A little bit of relaxation, which was much needed


No pictures to post, but it was unexpected busy day. Saturday, I knew I needed to head out Target to pick up a few gifts for the birthday boy. I also knew that my friend Beth was up at the school working on some lastminute stuff for the the start of school today. I decided to pop on over and see if she wanted to tag along. The moment I walked in, I could tell she was a bit frazzled. I asked if she wanted to join me but she said she had a lot to get done so it would be a few hours. I offered to help with what I could thinking that could speed up the process. Boy was I wrong! It definitely took us longer than either of us thought it would but it was a good thing I stopped by because I did help her get everything done for the first week. Four hours later, we headed out for a late lunch and then a Target and AC Moore shopping trip. We found a few gifts for Dylan and by the time I got home, it was time for dinner. And once the kids were off to bed, it was time to wrap these presents and make Dylan's birthday cake. 


Sunday was all about Dylan. We kept the morning pretty low key but in the afternoon, we surprised Dylan with a trip to FunZone. It was full of mini golf,

2 rounds of go carts (one with Beth)

and one without.

It was then back to the house where we opened presents (oops, I left the clearance tag on it. hahaha)

and I made Dylan an ice cream cake! My first ever attempt and it was pretty good. Don't mind the "cake plate." It's really the lid to a really big bowl, but since I have no cake plate, I make it work. lol.

And with present and cake time over, it was time to begin our back to school bedtime routine, because today......


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