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Schweaty Sunday #5

Happy Sunday! How is everyone today? I hope you're enjoying your weekend. Summer kicked off with a bang yesterday. It was hot, hot, hot outside. We're talking high 90's with heat indices above 104. It was great day to practice some of those tips I shared Friday. But on to the real reason you're here.


Today was a rest day. I worked a baseball tournament, which can always wear you out and then one of my best friends stopped to visit on his way to Jacksonville. 


This morning kicked off another round of 21 Day Fix. What's going to make this round so much better? I have TJ right there next to me doing it as well. I've been wanting us to workout together for a while, but it seems like the time is never right. What I realized was we just weren't making the time to do it together. So, I asked him if he'd do it with me this time. Since his work schedule varies, I decided I would adjust my workout times to match when it was convenient for him. It's a little odd not working out first thing in the morning but I loved working out with him so I'm happy to move it around. And you know what else? Even the kids joined in for parts of the workout in their own kid version, so it ended up being a family affair. I loved it!


Today was Day 2 of 21 Day Fix, which was Upper Fix. Upper body workouts are not my favorite but that's probably because I need it the most. Working out with TJ is great. He makes me work harder. Even without his crazy antics and encouragement, I work harder with just him being there. And once again, the kids joined in for part of it to try and workout. I really should get pictures but when you're all working out there's no one left to hold the camera.

But seriously, it was a great workout that I'm sure will leave my arms really sore in the morning.


Day 3 of 21 Day Fix: Lower Fix. TJ totally cheated. Lower body workouts are not his favorite so he tends to neglect them a bit more often, so after the last two days of workouts, he was really sore. He took several breaks and just wasn't as enthusiastic about woday's workout.

AS for me, I don't know if I just wasn't as sore as him or just toughed it out knowing what's next having down the program before. I am, however, pretty sore and taking Jordyn's old clothes and baby items to the consignment shop was not easy. 


Oh Pilates Fix. You gave me lots of laughter. After TJ "cheated" yesterday, I was expecting TJ to go full force. He complained a bit in the beginning, but once the abs portion started, he kicked it into high gear talking about how he could do this all day. I, on the hand, apparently need some serious core work, because I was struggling just a bit. Not a ton but enough for TJ to give me a hard time telling me I was doing it wrong and not to do any modifications. Then….we hit the booty part and our roles reversed. He kept trying to quit saying it hurt and things like, "Recovery day, my ass. This hurts!" In between bouts of laughter, it was my turn to give him a hard time telling him he was doing it wrong. When it was over, I asked how he liked it. His response? "It's clear I have never worked out those muscles in my life." HAHA! Gotta love him.


Today was Cardio Fix. This workout happened later than our normal workouts. We did it this evening instead of in the morning. We had a few errands and grabbed lunch while we were out. It was not healthy but it was so good. TJ seemed to feel pretty good during the workout. I, however, did not. I struggled through the whole thing. I was just not feeling it and while I love the calorie burn, I was glad for it to be over. It just goes to show that what you eat does affect your workouts. A nice reminder that healthy eating wins every time. 


Dirty 30 was up this morning. I was also on my own. TJ works until 4am Friday and Saturday nights (or should I say Saturday and Sunday mornings?). Not typically a big deal but since he was working his other job at 10 am this morning, the best thing for him was sleep. Back to my workout, I definitely didn't struggle as much today thanks to a healthy breakfast. Dirty 30 is my favorite but it wasn't as fun this morning without my partner in crime. I've lived the good life all week working out with him and I don't want to give that up. There's always tomorrow.

How were your workouts for the week? Does how you eat affect your workouts? Do you workout with a partner and how do you like it? Talk about it in the comments below.

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