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Health and Fitness Group

Good morning! I can't believe we're at Thursday already. I also can't believe that I go back to work in just a few short days. This summer has flown by and while I love my job, I wouldn't mind a few more weeks soaking up some family time. But alas, all good things must come to an end. 
But what's not coming to an end yet? Half marathon training and PiYo. While I just started half marathon training, I'm almost to the heart of PiYo. And if you follow me on any of the social media sites, then you know what kind of workouts I'm doing. Some of you may have even commented or liked on them. You have no idea what that means to me when you do. To know you follow me and enjoy when I post my workouts just gives me motivation to do more. I also love checking out workouts that other people have done. It's great seeing so many people getting out and living healthy lives
It's this motivation and inspiration, along with the health and fitness groups I am part of on Facebook to start my own group. And I want to invite you to participate. 

What exactly is it?

I'm so glad you asked. It's a Secret Facebook group for anyone who is looking for support, motivation, encouragement in health and fitness. I feel that becoming a healthy person isn't just about diet and exercise but it also incorporates our mental health, our relationships and our enviroment. In this group, I want people to not support, encourage and motivate each other, but I want us to all learn and become more knowledgable in living a healthy lifestyle. I want us to be able to teach other and help each other become the best possible person we can be. 
This group is a judgement-free place where you can share your goals, your why, your accomplishments and ask advice on situations and problems you're looking to solve. This group will be what you make of it.

What can I look forward to seeing in the group?

I want this group to have information you want to know about. I plan to hold a challenge each month in an effort to help us all achieve healthy lifestyles. The challenges will range in variety from nutrition challenges to fitness challenges to mental challenges. I will share tips, motivational posts and articles, healthy recipes, workouts and more. I will ask you what you want to see and learn. I want you engaged and involved in every step. That does not meant you will have to participate in every challenge though. Those are just fun ways to get us to all step outside of our comfort zones. But who knows, maybe some of the challenges will have proxes, so it might be worth participating in.

How much does the group cost?

FREE!!! It costs you absolutely nothing. 

Are you interested? I'd love to have you join me. Just leave me a comment below, click here to join the group, email me here or at workitmsjackson@gmail.com for more details. 

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