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Schweaty Sunday #6


Happy Sunday! How was everyone's holiday weekend? Mine is going well, but I am SO excited for this week. Not only is today my last day of 21 Day Fix, I start PiYo tomorrow and I start the 3 Day Refresh tomorrow (be on the lookout for a post about it in the morning) but TJ and I will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary! 

But onto this week's workouts, shall we? 


Oh Yoga Fix, how I needed you! It was a much needed active recovery day after a busy weekend with family in town.


And we've reached the final week of 21 Day Fix, which can only mean one thing: PiYo starts next week! I love 21 Day Fix but am SO excited about starting a new program that will help me with my half marathon training that begins in just 2 weeks!


One of the things I love about repeating workouts in workout programs like 21 Day Fix is that I can measure my improvement. Sometimes it's the number of calories I burn, but today it was a particular move. I'm still horrible at push-ups and need to work on them, but today I noticed I did more "real" than I ever have before having to move to my knees. Progress!!!


Today's workout was probably my favorite workout to date. Not because it was Lower Fix (and leg day is my favorite) but because Jordyn joined in for more than normal. I even snuck a little time away from the warm-up to catch a few pictures.


Today's Pilates Fix workout was another workout where I could really see the progress I have made. My form is better than it has been and I felt great! And after pilates, we headed to the pool for a little family swim. It wasn't anything crazy and there was a lot of just chilling out in the pool playing with Jordyn but I made sure to take some occassional breaks to swim while TJ played with her.


I had every intention on doing Shaun T's Live 4th of July workout but right before it came on, my internet went out. It did come back but was spotty for a while so I gave up. However, I was glad I had already gotten some Cardio Fix beforehand so a workout was complete. The rest of my day focused on some one-on-one time with Jordyn since Dylan is still visiting his grandparents and TJ was working.


My last Dirty 30 workout. This is my favorite workout in the 21 Day Fix program. It doesn't burn as many calories for me as others, like yesterday's Cardio Fix but there's something about the I love. TJ pretty much gave up on the program yesterday. He was SO close to finishing but his knees were really bothering him from a run he went on a few days ago, so he skipped out on it. This morning, I didn't even ask him but I knew he was ready to be done with it, so I just did it on my own. That meant I got in a much earlier workout than I normally do, which I like. I love finishing my day's workout by 8 or 9 am. It gets me pumped for the day.

How were your workouts for the week? Does how you eat affect your workouts? Do you workout with a partner and how do you like it? Talk about it in the comments below.

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