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Exciting Changes Coming

I don't even know where to begin, other than my absence, which has just basically been that we've been super busy with a lot of new things going on with us, which of course, is a whole post in itself.
But today, let's talk about blog changes. Over the past few months, I have really been thinking about my health and wellness goals and how can I bring into the blog and make this little ol' place of mine so much more than it is right now. Admittedly, I know that one way to make the blog bigger and better is to blog more, so I started brainstorming some ideas and thinking about what I really wanted to share. 
I found myself wanting to not only share my weight loss journey but also family life and our journey to living a more natural life. That's when I decided maybe it was time for the blog to go through a remodel, or overhaul of sorts, and that's where the idea for a new blog name was born.
In the very near future, Naturally Loving Life, will be my new home, and I am SO excited. I'll still be sharing my weightloss journey, healthy living and nutrition tips I've picked along the way and the same topics I've always shared, but I'll also be sharing our journey to a more natural, green life, from essential oils to green cleaners to less waste. We're obviously in now way perfect, but I truly every little bit can make a difference.
As soon as the blog is live, I'll let you know and I can't wait to begin this new chapter. 
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