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The weekend and a few more runs

The days have just seemed to slip by lately and are going by way to fast. I wake up for work and before I know it, it's the end of the day. It's now Tuesday night and I am sitting here watching Dancing With The Stars and I have no post about the weekend. As I'm watching this Sheri Sheppard is dancing to It's Raining Men and I have missed her. She may not have been the best dancer, but she is hilarious!

Saturday, after my run, I was able to finish some if what was on my long to-do list but not everything before heading downtown to take a few pictures for a friend.

I know, I know, I shared a ton of pictures but I had so much fun I couldn't just pick a few I liked to share. Just like the other pics, these are unedited for now and I will share some of my edited pics when I get them done, but I hope you like these.

I know I talked about how perfect the weather was and my failed apps. Well, I figured out the problem...it was too cloudy. Sunday I had the same problem with the apps not logging correctly or at all. There were a ton of clouds due to Tropical Storm Alberto being just off the coast (well 100 miles off the coast but they in comparison to the size of the ocean, that's close. haha). I even got a little rained on towards the end of my run but thankfully it was just light rain.

Look at those Alberto cloud (and view of downtown Savannah as I drive towards Beaufort. I don't recommend this. It's not easy). This picture doesn't really show just how dark this clouds in the distance really were.

So these clouds are what messed with my apps this weekend. But here's what it did clock. This looks a little closer to what my time could be but I'm not sure it's completely accurate, especially when you look at yesterday and today's runs.

My apps were working again yesterday and I'm so glad to have a better estimate on my times. This was my farthest distance and fastest distance with walking and running combined.

Today, I began Week 3 of the C25K. I was nervous how I would do with the 3 minute run portions. I finished each 3 minute run interval but I could tell I was slower. I'm disappointed in that but I just have to keep going and I'll get there but I want to be there now. My time was a little faster but I also ended the workout a little early. I cut part of the cool down out so I could get home and get a few things done tonight. 

Well now that I have taken my sweet time writing this post, it's time for bed, so I can go to the gym in the morning. Good night everyone!


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