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June Yoga Challenge

So I know seriously just posted but I have something exciting to share. I'm catching up on some of my favorite blogs and I happen upon a post from Courtney from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. The is bar far my favorite blog. She posts fantastic workouts and recipes, and different events going on in her life. She is great and you should definitely check her out

Courtney has proposed a yoga challenge for the month of June. She is giving us the opportunity to customize the challenge so that it fits our needs and goals. It can be anything. You can challenge yourself to complete a certain number of sessions each week, maybe a number of minutes, or learn a new pose by the end of the month, anything you want. She will also provide a link party each Friday in June beginning next Friday, June 8th for you to share your progress. You can also tweet about the challenge using the hashtag #juneyogachallenge  and support each other throughout the week.

Worried about not having any yoga DVDs? Do a search on you tube, check your On Demand in the sports and fitness category, pick one up the store or on Amazon, find a local yoga class to go to.

For more details and information on the challenge, check out Courtney's June Yoga Challenge Post and grab one of her challenge widgets to add to your blog!

For me: I am keeping my challenge like Courtney's. I'm challenging myself to 3 yoga workouts a week. I think this is a great number for me to get into a habit and will fit right in with my C25K runs. This can be my morning workout or I can make it my workout after the run to relax me. I will start this tonight after tonight's run!

Will be joining the challenge? What are you going to challenge yourself to do?


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