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Better than before

I will be honest, I did NOT want to get up this morning. I stayed up later than I planned reading 50 Shades of Darker. This picture below just about sums up what it's like reading anytime during when the kids are still awake. haha!

After two hits of the snooze button, I dragged myself out of bed so I could head to the gym. Once I was there, I was feeling pretty good.

I started my workout with some cardio. Tina's plan for today was 20 min of steady cardio. One of my July goals was to finish the C25K program so I opted for a longer cardio session. I felt much better during this run than the past few runs and even set a PR in pace, distance and time! This is one happy lady right here!

And today was my second to last day! Only one more day of the C25K program to go! 

Next, it was onto a total body workout. I definitely found a few new favorites!

With a workout done for the day, it was time to head off to work, where I now site and count down the minutes til 5 and I can go home,

Have you ever woken up not ready to workout? How many times did you hit the snooze? What was it that motivated you to get up and workout?

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