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Bootcamp Recap Week 1

Today finished out the first week of Bootcamp, and I just have to say, I LOVE IT! It has really pushed me and challenged me and I can't wait to for more.

Even though, we're only finished with one week, it has sparked some many new workout ideas for the future, which I am SO excited about.

This is actually the first time I've ever worked out this much in one week. I took yesterday and today as rest days so I could get somethings done around the house.

Monday began with A HIIT workout and Workout A, which was Upper Body. My arms were so sore in the most amazing way possible!

Tuesday consisted of 20 min of cardio followed by Workout B, Lower Body. I consider my lower body to be much stronger than my upper body, but this workout made me second guess myself. LOL!

Wednesday was Intervals and Core. I found a new love in Intervals.

Thursday was Workout C (Total Body) and 20 minutes of cardio. I upped my cardio time so I could fit in a C25K workout. I set a OR for pace, time and distance. It was fabulous! If there weren't so many people at the gym, I might have actually jumped up and down with excitement.

Friday finished off Week 1 with a final Intervals and Core Workout, that I struggled with. It was the same as Wednesday but after such great workouts the rest of the week, my body was tired. lol.

I learned a lot this first week:

I am so ready for tomorrow and to to kick off Week 2. 

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