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Good Monday morning! How is everyone this morning? I am exhausted, and I don't really know why. I got plenty of sleep last night. I could back to sleep right now, but I don't think work would like that very much.

I got up this morning and headed to the gym for Week 2 of Best Body Bootcamp. After resting up over the weekend, I was ready to kick Week 2 into high gear (once I got to the gym, getting out of bed was rough. lol)

Today's workout was back to Upper Body. Last Monday, I used weights that I felt were a little too heavy, resulting in not-so-great form. Today, I lowered the weights so I could focus on better form and better form is what I got. I could tell my muscles were working harder even with the lower weights. By the time I reached the last super set, I thought my arms were going to fall off. haha. 

This morning a HIIT workout was also on the agenda. I opted for the treadmill today, starting with a minute warm-up at a speed of 4.0. Once I hit the HIIT portion, I went for 60 seconds at a speed of 6.6, folllowed by a recovery speed of 5.0 for 60 seconds. I repeated this to total 10 minutes and ended with a 5 minute cool down. 

That wrapped up this morning's workout. Tomorrow is Lower Body and my final day of C25K, along with a July goals recap!

What kind of workout did you fit in this morning or was it a rest weekend like me with some Olympics watching?

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