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My arms are SO sore from yesterday's Bootcamp workout and I'm loving every minute of it!

This morning's Bootcamp workout consisted of 20 minute of steady cardio and a lower body strength workout. 

I kicked off the day with some cardio. Just like Saturday, my chest was tightening up and I was having a hard time breathing so I ended up with a half run/half walk. I really gotta figure out what is up.

After cardio it was time for my plank and bridge for the day!

And last, the lower body strength workout! It started with wall squats. Apparently I underestimated this exercise. I figured this would be a breeze. I was wrong. Something I love about bootcamp already, learning new exercises to incorporate into my workouts for later.

Before leaving the gym, I hopped on the scale to see I had lost .8 pounds! My total is now 17.4 GONE baby! Just a few more pounds to go before I reach the halfway point!

This morning breakfast was a repeat of yesterday. I have been seriously craving these lately!

Lunch was some Raspberry Chobani topped with some Cinnamon Life. DELICIOUS!

And dinner tonight? I'm not really sure. I asked TJ to take out some chicken so we he could throw it on the grill tonight, but he doesn't always take out what I ask, so I guess it'll be a surprise when I get home.

Have you tried wall squats? How long did you last? I did not do so hot. LOL!

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