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And I'm Back In!

Happy Monday morning! How was your weekend? Mine was busy but fun!

Saturday was a bittersweet day. It was the day that my grandmother was layed to rest. My grandmother was a special person and she will never be forgotten. I handled not being there better than I thought but it was still rough. After the funeral, my mom called me with some more unfortunate bad news. Right before the funeral my sisters got very sick and had to be rushed to the ER. One of my sisters, Allyson, was worse than the other passing out before walking in to the funeral. At the time she called, no one knew what was wrong, but my mom knew she had to let me know. She didn't want to ruin my day but she knew not telling me would have upset me more. It wasn't until hours later that she was able to call me back and let me know that they both had a virus and that Allyson had also become dehydrated as a result of the virus. They are thankfully fine now and should be heading home back to Atlanta today. Needless to say, I've had my fair share of bad news for the day.

Saturday was also my son's birthday. I am still blown away that my little boy is 7! Where has time gone? We started out Dylan's birthday with a birthday breakfast surprise. He loves getting coffee-free drinks from Starbucks. We don't let it happen often though. So, I thought it would be a nice treat for me and him to head out for some Starbucks. He had no idea where we were going until we pulled into the parking lot, but was excited when he realized he was getting his own drink.

Check out his birthday breakfast!

Just me and my favorite 7 year old hanging out!

Once we made it home, it was time to get ready for a Birthday BBQ. Dylan told us he didn't really want a party and then last week decided he wanted one. It wasn't something we could really do last minute but I called up some friends to see if they wanted to come over for BBQ and cupcakes for Dylan's birthday. Nothing big but a little something to celebrate. 

I tried to make Oreo cupcakes with a gooey surprise of vanilla frosting in the center.

Sadly Batch #1 failed by having frosting ooze out of the cupcakes so Batch #2 was just chocolate cupcakes.  They were all frosted with vanilla frosting and then topped with crushed Oreos and everyone still liked them so I guess they were a success in the end. I don't like cake, frosting or Oreos so I never had one.

We picked up some water balloons, and these really cool water blasters from the Dollar Tree for the kids to play with. I have no pictures of them playing with either since they were so close to the door, it meant being in the line of fire if I so much as opened the door. They loved every minute of it.

The good times ended with presents! Dylan was so excited about every gift, even the school shirts he recieved. He's so happy to wear something other than white. LOL! (Side note: We moved in the middle of the school year last year and his new school required white or hunter green shirts. Hunter Green shirts can NOT be found in the middle of the school so he had to wear white everyday. Poor kid)

By the time everyone left, it was almost time for the kids to get ready for bed and TJ to head to work, so this mom got a little bit of time to relax before heading to bed herself.

Yesterday, our day was spent at home but not relaxing. House cleaning and laundry were on the agenda. 


Now, onto some fitness. I slacked last week in the fitness department. I got my workouts in but it was all light effort. And I didn't even blog about any of it. I was busy with getting the house organized, sorting through stuff to get rid of and life in general. Being locked out of the gym didn't help either.

My cardio is what really suffered. My strength workouts were great but with either rain or the awful heat and humidity, outside runs were not happening for me. 

This morning was a new week and new story. I headed to the gym hoping to be able to get in. Today was my lucky day! I am no longer locked out....finally!

Today's workout started Week 4 of Best Body Bootcamp, which meant Workout A incorporated with cardio. These circuit intervals are great and compared to last week's Circuit Intervals, this was so much better. I decided to push myself a bit today, thinking I should be able to keep a better pace since the time spent on each set would be shorter. Instead of running around 10:30-10:45, I pushed myself to run each 5 minute interval at 9:30. It was a success and I felt great. It's something I definitely want to work towards as a normal pace but I know that will take to be able to maintain that for long periods. Either way I was proud and covered 2 miles in the 20 minutes I spent on the treadmill. My strength training session was fantastic and I was feeling it a lot more than last week. That 2/4/2 tempo is killer!

I finished out my workout with my usual plank and bridge. One of these days, I will remember to knock those out first so I can hold them longer. LOL!

Before leaving the gym, I hit the scale and have reached my first HUGE milestone! I was down 2 pounds from my last weigh-in bring my total loss to 20.6 pounds and pushing my over the halfway mark and bringing me to a weight I haven't seen in a long time. Talk about a great way to start the week!

What did you do this weekend? Anything big or exciting? 

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