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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

It's what's currently on TV this morning and the first time Jordyn has ever watched anything on TV for any length of time, and by length of time, I mean more than a few minutes. She is not a TV watcher and while 99% of the time, I like, there's that 1%of the time, I wished she'd watch a little TV just so I could get a few things done around the house without her "help." LOL!

And of course 10 minutes after the show she starts she's over it and trying to "help" me type this post, which is taking a lot longer to type than I had intended. Gotta love my daughter. lol.

Moving on, how is everyone's weekend going? Mine is going well. My friend, Beth, came over yesterday to pick up some pictures and then it was off to take our cars to get washed. I had two Groupons that I bought back in May for my car and TJ's car. I had forgotten about them until this past week and realized they were going to expire soon. Unfortunately, TJ's car isn't working right now (radiator problems :/ ) so we weren't going to be able to use it for his car. I called Beth earlier in the week to see if she wanted a free car wash. So yesterday was the day.

We took it to Auto Shine Car Wash in Savannah and they were fantastic. My Groupon was for a basic full service wash. They vaccumed the washed and hand dryed the outside and then vaccuumed the inside, cleaned the dashboard, the cup holders and every other nook and crevice they could find. We felt bad we didn't have more of a tip to give them. If we had known how good of a job they were going to do, we would have definitely made sure to have more cash.

While there, they noticed one of my tires was really low. He offered to put more air in the tire, and while he was filling my tire, he noticed was cautioning me about just how bad I needed new tires. I already knew I needed 2 new tires for my car (the back ones are fine) and we were planning on doing it next month when we had a little extra money. But the gentleman filling my tire pointed out where the current tires weren't going to make it another month. I had to get new ones right away. These guys were so helpful, and Groupon or not, we will definitely be returning.

Thankfully Sam's Club was just down the street turning a short trip for a car was into a full afternoon out. It took 2 1/2 hours before my car was done receiving its new tires and it was the first time I really got to roam around Sam's Club. Normally when me and TJ go, we have the kids and Jordyn gets antsy so it's in and out for us. They have some pretty cool stuff. I mean check out this UGA skirt that I'm totally buying for Jordyn next time I go.

By the time I finally made it home, TJ had fed the kids dinner and needed to get ready for work. Sadly, it left no time for a workout but I did get my plank and bridge in for the day.

Even though, I didn't get a workout in yesterday, I was happy with my workouts for the week. Today officially marks the halfway point of Best Body Bootcamp. I can't believe we're half way done. Tomorrow starts Phase 3 and after looking over the workouts for the next two weeks, I am ready to get started. Full Body Drop Set Exercises with Intervals for Cardio, bring it on. 

**For this week's post on Best Body Bootcamp, click herehere and here. These are not the only workouts I had for the week, but Thursday and Friday were busy days so a post just didn't happen. Hopefully this week will be slower.

And now I leave you with what Jordyn is up to now.....cleaning

Happy Sunday everyone! Anything fun on the agenda today?

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