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Oh My Knee and Speed Work

This morning, I woke up ready to workout but not ready to go to the gym. I decided an at-home workout was in order.

Starting with my plank and bridge is how I like to start my mornings. Like always, the top one is my plank and the bottom is my bridge. Lately I have broken the 1 minute barrier and I'm refusing to go back.

This week started Phase 3 of Best Body Bootcamp, which includes Drop Sets with periods of active recovery nestled in between. Monday was my first attempt at Drop Sets and I have to say, there was no boredom. The time passed by quickly as I moved from one to another and one exercise to another. Tina really is a genius!

Yesterday was going to be a rest day for me but we ended up taking a family walk last night which. I love family walks but we don't do them often because it can be so hot out. I'm hoping that we can pick them back again seeing as how the weather hasn't been too unbearable the last two weeks and fall is coming. I'll be pushing for a family walk everyday come fall. lol.

Anyways, back to today. I began today's workout, like Monday. There was just one difference: my right knee was hurting. I have no idea where it came from or what I could have done to it. I pushed through and finished the workout but it wasn't as good of a workout as I really wanted it to be. I made a few modifications so that I didn't put too much pressure on my knee if I could help it but at least I finished. I had the intention on going for a short run this morning but thought it was best to hold off. Hopefully tomorrow I can get one in, even if it's a walk/run combo.

Next week, I hope to begin training for my first 5K in December. I'm excited and a little anxious to get started. I know I will incorporate some speed work but speed work is new to me. Some of my runs will be outdoors and some will be on the treadmill but I have figured out just yet, how I'm going to measure my speedwork. The plans I have looked at all use the metric system for speed work, yet warm-ups and cool downs are in US measurements, so switching back and forth in my running apps would be a pain and I don't know where the settings on the treadmill are to change that. I have looked up that 1600 meters is approximately 1 mile so I may just convert everything but truthfully that seems like a lot of work. Does anyone with experience have any tips on measuring speed work on both the treadmill and outdoors? I'd love to hear them.

How about your race day training? I'm using Runner's World SmartCoach App to help figure out my training schedule. Do you use an app or do you come up with your own training plan? How did you come up with it if you make your own?

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