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What I Ate {Last} Wednesday

Finally! My first What I Ate Wednesday post! What I Ate Wednesday is  a link-up hosted by Jenn from Peas and Crayons. It's a great way to see what other bloggers are eating (you always know you can use a few ideas) and it's a fabulous way to hold yourself accountable and can make you see what you're really eating and maybe what you could work. For me it's veggies....BIG TIME!

I have been wanting to do one for a while but remembering to take pictures at each meal isn't easy. I'm awesome at taking pictures of my breakfast but the rest of picture taking goes downhill after that.

Last Wednesday, I successfully took a picture of each meal. Proud moment in my day. (yup, it's the little things. haha) So let's get started.


I started the day with a turkey back and egg sandwich made with a whole wheat english muffin topped with a Laughing Cow Light Swiss wedge.


Lunch consisted of turkey, ham and cheese (Laughing Cow Swiss) wrap. Notice the lack of veggies? We were out of fresh veggies and in desperate need or a grocery store trip. On the side were apple slices and Justin's Hazelnut Almond Butter


Dinner was definitely on the starchy side. Before leaving for work, I marinated some chicken for dinner. Once I got home, TJ fired up the grill and I got to work on cutting up a sweet potato for some sweet potato wedges. TJ was really in the mood for biscuits too, so I popped a few in the oven. Not what I would have chosen but I did make sweet potato wedges, which he isn't a fan of, so I let him have this one. 

And since this month the focus is on Fitness as well, let's jump into that as well. 

This week kicked off with Best Body Bootcamp from Tina. Man, oh man, does it kick butt! Monday began with a Lower Body Workout and a 20 minute HIIT workout. It was my first HIIT workout and I LOVED it!

Monday consisted of upper body and a 20 minute HIIT cardio workout! My arms are still a bit sore from that workout but nothing compared to yesterday. For the full recap of Day 1, check it out here.

Tuesday workout was lower body and 20 min of steady cardio. The wall sits killed me, but in a fabulous way. Check out all my thoughts here.

And that brings us to today! On the schedule today was Intervals & Core, and other than Monday's HIIT workout, this was my first Interval workout. Because I've been having a time breathing, I decided I'd make his Interval workout a walk but at some inclines. Apparently, I have underestimated my speed. I kept my recovery speeds at a casual speed of 3.0 with an incline of 4.0 and my increase was at 4.0 (4.5 towards the end) with an incline of 8.0. The speeds were a bit slow. I'm definitely going to up things for Friday's workout.

With the intervals done it was time to move on to the Core Workout. Included in the core workout today, was a new move for me: the V-Sits. They look easy but they were harder than I thought. I managed to get to the 30 second mark but it was NOT easy. A familiar move was a plank. Tina asked for everyone to do hold the plank for 60 seconds. If you've seen my plank-a-day from previous posts, you'll notice that most are around 30 seconds but occasionally there will be a 45 second plank in there (I guess I'm feeling strong on those days. lol) These planks killed! I know I will get better over time and eventually 60 seconds will be nothing but I have to start somewhere. At the end of each circuit, I added a bridge since a plank a day and bridge a day or part of my goals. I did 3 rounds of the workout before calling it done.

Notice those 60 second planks? Yeah buddy! 3 of them in the bag! I was pretty proud of those!

And that folks, wraps up my first edition of WIAW!

A huge shout out goes out to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting such a fabulous link-up! And if you want to participate, click here for more information.

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